T+2 Settlement Project Website: UST2.com

As part the Industry Steering Committee (ISC) commitment to informing the industry on topics related to shortening the settlement cycle in the U.S., an independent website, www.UST2.com, was created in late 2014 as an information hub.

The site includes details pertaining to the background and purpose of the initiative; progress being made by the ISC and working groups; next steps; and other educational information focused on the move to T+2.

As just one indication of how the T+2 project is escalating this year, use of this industry web site has also increased significantly.

In April 2016, there were over 1800 users of the site, almost a 220% increase over last year. The top viewed documents on the site in 1Q 2016 in were the T2 Playbook, the T2 High-Level Testing white paper, and the press announcement of the T+2 Go Live Date.