DTCC Hosts Webinar Series to Review Functional Changes

DTCC hosted a series of educational Webinars in May to review the functional changes that its subsidiaries will implement in support of the industry’s move to T+2 in 2017.

The first Webinar, presented on May 19th, covered functional changes for Omgeo and NSCC. With almost 600 participants logged into the webinar, DTCC first presented an overview of the changes with its subject matter experts, and then spent the second half of the hour-long call answering questions from clients.

The next webinar, on May 26th, explored in depth some of the functional changes associated with corporate actions processing.

The Webinars were recorded, and are accessible online.


Note: For clients who preregistered for the sessions, just enter your email address at the bottom, select “Login” and click “Launch Presentation” to hear the webcast.

If you did not register for the session, then you must complete the asterisked registration fields on the registration page.

The question-and-answer portion of these calls will also be archived on the UST2.com web site in the coming weeks.